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Co-Founder and CEO

A new stealth startup in the SF Bay Area

Jul 2022 – Present California
I have the immense privilege to be building a new biotechnology company. Let’s chat if you’re interested in:

  • Adaptive immunity
  • Emerging biotechnologies
  • Human immunology

Senior Computational Immunologist, BEAM Technical Lead

10x Genomics, Inc.

Sep 2021 – Jun 2022 California
I was promoted for:

  • My intellectual property contributions
  • My contributions and leadership on the BEAM product
  • Developing a new strategic initiative

Computational Immunologist, BEAM Technical Lead

10x Genomics, Inc.

Mar 2020 – Sep 2021 California
I invented, developed, and led the Barcode-Enabled Antigen Mapping (BEAM) product, including:

  • Developing the computational pipeline and associated tooling
  • A ton of IP and patent development (see my Google Scholar profile)
  • Discovering and protecting the first therapeutic intellectual property at 10x
  • Developing the controls and validation strategy
  • Operating a “cross-functional” team in a “matrix organization”

Computational Immunologist

10x Genomics, Inc.

Aug 2019 – Mar 2020 California
I wore a few hats at 10x Genomics. My responsibilities included:

  • Business and strategy development for pharma and immune-focused products
  • Analysing multi-omic single-cell data
  • Computational analysis in support of assay/product development
  • Pipeline development and maintenance
  • Unit testing and software development (Rust, Python, R)

Research Instructor

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

May 2019 – Aug 2019 Tennessee
I developed and ran an independent research program in systems immunology and high-dimensional data analysis.

Graduate Research Fellow

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Aug 2015 – May 2019 Tennessee
I was a graduate student in the laboratories of Ivelin Georgiev and Simon Mallal.


Inaugural Young Investigator Award

Recognized for exceptional early-career research.

Inaugural Dean’s Award for Exceptional Achievement in Graduate Studies

Awarded to outstanding PhD candidates for scholarly output, collaboration, and service.

Young Investigator Award

Awarded to meritorious young investigators in the field of HIV research.

Director’s Award

Awarded to exceptional incoming PhD trainees.

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